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Open Talent Competition: Winning the war for Talent

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Risland’s sustainable development is inseparable from the growth and development of internal employees. In order to provide a broader career development platform for outstanding employees, to strengthen the construction of regional talents, and fill up the required talent needs of some departments, Risland organized an open talent competition for certain positions.

 On 10th May 2018, the event started at 9AM and continued till 12.30 PM. The event was well hosted by HR department Miss Deepika Manchanda. The whole event was chaired by Mr Shi Zhaohui, President of RISLAND Delhi/NCR.

 To make the competition open and fair, a committee was formed, who had been given with authority to rate the participants basis on their presentations.The committee members have rich experiences, expertise and good judgemental value in the respective fields that made the event successfully organized.

 The talent war happened between the six potential applicants from various departments like Investment, Procurement, Finance and Cost Management. Each of the participants were given 15 minutes for the presentation. Post presentations it was a 5 minutes question & answer session. Finally, the event winded up with the constructive comments and instructions by President Shi Zhaohui.

 Risland, Delhi NCR is adhere to the philosophy of “Talent is the key to success”. It will continue this type of event to retain and promote the right talents.