Risland India Construction Division

Make the world a better place for having us in it

Company Introduction

Risland India construction is a project general contracting management platform under one of the world's top 500 companies listed in Hong Kong.

The company has the first-class qualification for general contracting of housing construction, municipal public works, mechanical and electrical engineering, etc. Among them, the company has a registered capital of INR 57.2 billion, and it is a high New technology enterprise. The company's net assets exceed INR 165 billion.
The company implements three-level management and control of headquarters, regional companies and projects. It has 22 regional companies and over 500 projects under construction. Its business covers 10 countries, with an area under construction of more than 50 million square meters. The Company adheres to the management concept of "Ingenuity • Efficiency", abides by the quality policy of "Process Quality • Green Construction", and has established a complete set of quality and safety supervision systems. Relying on the guidance of science and technology, it promotes intelligent construction and continues to build a beautiful home for the society.

The company has played a major role in the field of prefabricated buildings. It has accumulated rich experience in Pre-Cast manufacturing near Singapore, BlM technology application, in-depth design and hoisting construction, and has formed an integrated advantage of "design-manufacturing-construction“. The company vigorously promotes The Group's intelligent construction system, which effectively solves the common quality problems such as leakage, hollowing, and cracking in the industry; at the same time, the company actively cooperates with the Group's construction robot research and development, and application, and vigorously promotes the technological innovation of the industry. The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "teamwork, efficiency, pragmatism and innovation", keeps in mind the corporate mission of "hoping that the society will become better because of our existence", and insists on "becoming a sunshine enterprise with conscience and social responsibility", putting " Shareholder satisfaction, employee happiness, social recognition" as our unremitting pursuit! The company attaches great importance to worker welfare; insists on strengthening the education of clean culture and creating a clean positive corporate atmosphere.


The Group

Core Value

We want to be a sunshine enterprise with conscience and social responsibility

Our Mission

Hope the society will be better because of our existence

Corporate Vision

Shareholder satisfaction
Employee job satisfaction
Social recognition

Start with building, Come for green living

Enterprise Culture

The Company

Enterprise Spirit

Teamwork, Efficiency. Innovative, Pragmatic

Our Mission

Constructing beautiful structures for society

Business Philosophy

Compliance with laws and regulations, integrity and win-win

Start with building, Come for green living

Global Business

Solid financial position for the company to maintain business

Operational efficiency and expansion of new business offerings

International presence and diversification in Malaysia, US and other global markets.

Global Layout

  • Malaysia
  • UK
  • US
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • China

Service Mode

  • Design Consulting
  • Project management Consulting
  • General Contracting/Engineering, Procurement & Construction(EPC)
  • Conventional Contracting/Civil & structural Construction
  • Consulting + General Contracting
  • Consulting + Conventional Contracting

Business Scope

  • Large Residential projects
  • High-end decoration and interior works
  • Large MEP works
  • Industrial buildings
  • Municipal Gardens
  • Warehouses

Core Advantage

Platform Advantage

  • Adequate Working Capital
  • Listed group company with good credit rating
  • Financial Institution recognition and support

Construction History


Global Precence


Cities and Towns


Project Experience


Industrial Advantage

Through the whole Industry Chain

Relying on the advantages of the whole industry chain of the group, the construction sector has dozens of professional companies that run through the whole industry chain of real estate construction.

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